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Striped Bamboo Robe

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This is a best-selling robe - something that, once slipped on, feels so luxuriously comfortable. The combination of bamboo & Turkish cotton is silky smooth - bring the spa to you.

This robe is lightweight but substantial, with an exceptionally unique hand feel, and two deep outside pockets. A middle-weight weave, this is ideal to wear for at-home dwelling, and during both warmer and colder weather seasons.

Because of Turkish cotton’s rapid drying capabilities, you’re able to use your Turkish robe post-sauna, dip or shower more quickly, avoiding the dampness that regular cotton holds onto for longer. Our Turkish robes wick away moisture, while traditional terry absorbs and holds moisture. Bonus - bamboo is naturally antimicrobial.

Bamboo is a truly sustainable material - growing at record speed, producing more oxygen than hardwood trees; its carbon absorption capacity is reported to be as much as 12 tonnes/hectare per year. Whether you’re dressed in your robe with your morning coffee, or following a sauna, we wish you could reach through the screen to feel the dreamy texture of this piece.

Materials: 70% bamboo 30% cotton
Unisex: Suitable for all
Colour: Cream
Origin: Turkey
Size: M/L

Woven in Turkey by Weave Workshop of Turkey

Caring For Robes:
Machine or hand wash cold with like colours on delicate cycle
Hang to dry, avoid dryer which causes shrinkage
If you need to machine dry, dry on a low heat
Do not use bleach or fabric softeners



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