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MJ Designs

Pink Aventurine & Sandalwood Mālā

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This is a beautiful unknotted mālā made with pink aventurine and sandalwood beads. 

Pink aventurine is a great stone for lifting the mood. It brings happiness and positivity in a soothing fashion. It improves motivation to help you can see a new way forward. Great for cultivating kindness, compassion and self love. 

Sandal wood has long been used in meditation to help the mind unwind, bring on tranquility, and tap into the divine. You can oil the beads occasionally with coconut or sesame oil to keep them soft and beautiful.

Mālā's are strings of beads for counting mantras or prayers in meditation. Many love the look of the mālā and they are beautiful. We can wear them to remind ourselves of our spiritual practice and have our counting tool close by. 

8mm pink aventurine & sandalwood beads on vinyl cord - total length of: 35 inches

Creations by MJ Designs



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