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Ethereal Craft Chocolate

Oh My! Oat Milk Crunch Chocolate Bar

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Ethically sourced. Organically grown. Artfully crafted.

All natural ingredients, no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.

Oat milk chocolate with organic puffed quinoa.


Oat milk Chocolate* (Cacao Nibs*, Coconut Sugar*, Maple Sugar*, Cocoa Butter*, Oat Flour*), Puffed Quinoa* 

*Organic Ingredient


About Ethereal Craft Chocolate:

Bean sourcing is difficult and there are no guarantees; there are many, many co-ops, plantations and small producers. It takes a lot of work to build a relationship and a lot of quality control to assure that the beans are up to our standards. In addition, we put our money where our values are. We work with producers in whom we have confidence in terms of 100% organic ingredients and fair treatment / pay for all of their employees and farmers. After that, we spend time to understand the bean and then turn it into chocolate with no special additives or preservatives for use in our single origin bars and blends for our confections.



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