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Art Beat Studios

Nature's Rhythm Oracle Deck

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Welcome to the mystical world of Nature's Rhythm Oracle.

This is a 42 card deck and guidebook that is of incredible quality!

Sarah Clark has lived and explored remote areas of Canada and the world her whole life. The wisdom of the plants, animals and minerals have captivated her since childhood. In 2012, she started diving deeper into the plant kingdom photographing the places and plants in the wild landscapes she ventured in. She discovered that when she mirrored the images she captured, faces and other images revealed the telepathic messages from the Ancient Ones of the land. These beings that emerge from the images can be viewed as Elementals, Watchers, Ancestors and Spirits of the Plant, Earth, Angelic and Extraterrestrial Realms. They dwell in other dimensions possessing great wisdom. Sarah sees the Earth and the inhabitants of the planet as a living library of endless wisdom and knowledge. Her artwork is intended to be visually meditated upon. Each card comes with an affirmation you should state aloud while absorbing the images. The images carry mystical power communicating subliminal messages to the recipient. Open your mind and let your imagination soar as you experience the cards.



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