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Massage Balls

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These Massage Balls are a great tool to use in releasing tension and tightness as a result of sports or workouts, sitting for long periods of time/office work, or day-to-day activities. Use these massage balls individually by placing one between the wall or floor and your tight muscle, or together placed on either side of your spine. You control how deep or gentle the massage is by placing more or less weight against the ball(s). This size is great for medium to large size muscles or tension points. Provides medium to firm pressure.


Medium firmness
Releases tight muscles
Improves circulation and mobility
Use one at a time, or simultaneously
Easy to clean


Set of two
4" (10 cm) diameter
100% PVC
Made in Taiwan


Clean with soap and water
Dry completely with a dry towel then air dry fully before storing
Avoid direct sunlight and dust



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