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Folic acid, or folate, is a B vitamin that must be derived from either dietary sources or via supplementation. Folate is necessary for a biochemical process in the body called “methylation” or “one-carbon metabolism.” This process does not work adequately in a significant number of individuals who have a genetic polymorphism, and it may contribute to a host of different concerns, including neural tube defects, depression, and reduction in red blood cell production. When the body absorbs folate, it goes through a series of biochemical conversions to become the active form l‑5‑methyltetrahydrofolate. If an individual is unable to convert the folate properly, they can end up with a deficiency, even though they are eating foods containing folate.

60 capsules

Each vegetable capsule contains: 

  • L‑Methylfolate (from calcium l‑5‑methyltetrahydrofolate) . . . 1 mg

Non-Medicinal Ingredients:
Vegetable magnesium steearate, silicon dioxide, and microcrystalline cellulose in a vegetable capsule composed of vegetable carbohydrate gum and purified water. 

How to Take: Adults: take 1 capsule daily with food or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.  If you are taking other medications, take this product before or after them. 

Caution: Folate supplementation can ask an underlying Vitamin B12 deficiency; consult a healthcare practitioner if you are uncertain if you are taking enough Vitamin B12. 

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