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Joy-a-Toes - Toe Spreaders

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Joy-a-Toes revitalize your tired, hardworking feet. Made from a soft, comfortable gel, Joy-a-Toes are the most versatile patented toe spreaders available.

HOW TO USE: Start out wearing your Joy-A-Toes 5-20 minutes at a time, 3 times per day. As your feet open, increase how long and how frequently you wear your Joy-A-Toes Relax and rejuvenate feet that are tired, achy, or tight.

Size: Small


Relax and rejuvenate feet that are tired, achy, or tight
Help your feet recover from wearing high heels
Stimulate circulation
Increase flexibility and strength
Open up energy channels to revitalize your entire body


Made of a comfortable gel material
Designed in Vancouver, BC, Canada
Made in Taiwan


Wash your Joy-a-Toes with hand or dish soap and hot water
Air dry before storage



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